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I'm Maria Franck. I currently work as content manager and have previously worked as a freelance copywriter and as a self-taught photographer.

I have a deep love for still life, pretty things and my little family. A love for design, pretty little things, kids' clothing and aesthetics.

On this page I collect my work, my memories and pretty things I stumble upon 

I'm a mother of two little, stubborn girls. For me, writing and photography go hand in hand with parenthood, documenting the little things in life. Keeping memories of their childhood close

Hi There

September 8, 2017

This week's woman is Signe Pyt who I know as @signepyt on Instagram. What I really love about Signes posts is her eye for those special moments in an ordinary everyday life. Her pictures are very genuine and personal, perfectly imperfect. She captures those sweet moments with her two beautiful daughters so very...

August 28, 2017

On a daily basis I'm inspired by talented and creative women when they share their photography on social media. Each day I get to have a little peak into their lives through images on Instagram without ever communicating with them and without really knowing anything about them.

The women you will meet in thi...

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