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a new year

A new year has just begun and to me January feels like a new beginning. A fresh start. It's not really my intention but a new year always make me think of the year we left behind. After I became a mother my focus circles around how and why I spend my time like I did - and how it made me feel. Did I spend my time well on the things and the people that make me feel good? Or did I use too much energy on things that really didn't make me happy?

Time is so precious and the hours, the minutes and the seconds away from my children I want to be spend well. It's all about being happy. I want to do my job well and I want my work to make an impact. I want to travel a few days with my man just to remember what a gift it is that we love each other. I want to drink coffee with my best friend, laugh and cry (yes that happens every time we each other) and cuddle her baby boys. Go shopping all by myself and buy that dress I've been dreaming of. I want to meet up with friends and go for dinner, drink colourful drinks and dance silly all night long and buy pizza in the middle of the night. Be with those who are important to me and be there for those who need me. I want to do those things that feels right.

I did not spend all of my time well the past year, it did not all make me happy. Of course we all have things to do that won't put a smile on our face. But the aim is that the over all choices I make, what I put into my life, the people I spend my time with, the work I do - it should all be time well spend.

All I wish for this new year is that I will spend my time well and let go of whatever holds back happiness. Last year my boyfriend and I promised each other that we would go travel for some time with our girls. To let go and just be together and focus on our family for a little while. And I'm so happy that we made it a priority.

This march we're going to travel with our children for three weeks and all I want from this holiday is that we spend time with our girls, do what ever they want to do. Let go of everyday chores, unanswered e-mails and just be present. I'll let my children teach me by the best example, they truly understand what it means to be present, light-hearted and full of joy. I know this deep in my soul, but somehow in a busy everyday we don't always have the time for their sweet liveliness. I can't wait to give them all the time in the world, to watch them play all day long and cuddle up with them in a beach hut and let them fall asleep in our arms. It's simply about being happy

I'm Maria Franck. I work as freelance copywriter and as a self-taught photographer. I have a deep love for still life, pretty things and my little family. A love for design, pretty little things, kids clothings and aesthetics.

On this page I collect my work, my memories and pretty things I stumble upon 

I'm a mother of two little, stubborn girls. For me, writing and photography go hand in hand with parenthood. It's all about documenting the little things in life. Keeping memories of their childhood close

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