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Love for Konges Sløjd

I have a special place in my heart for Konges Sløjd. My very first job as a photographer was for Konges Sløjd and Emilie, the founder and the heart of the company, has become a dear friend of mine. I have a love for the universe Emilie has created and I'm very proud to be a part of creating that Konges Sløjd 'feeling' with my photography and my writing.

These pictures are from our latest campaign shoot. I spend a few days at CIFF Kids this week working with my Angulus team and I had the pleasure of seeing my pictures displayed at Konges Sløjds' beautiful booth at the fashion fair

In collaboration with Konges Sløjd it is possible for you to win a gift card and a photo session with your children with me behind the camera at my Instagram account right here: @mariafranck

I'm Maria Franck. I work as freelance copywriter and as a self-taught photographer. I have a deep love for still life, pretty things and my little family. A love for design, pretty little things, kids clothings and aesthetics.

On this page I collect my work, my memories and pretty things I stumble upon 

I'm a mother of two little, stubborn girls. For me, writing and photography go hand in hand with parenthood. It's all about documenting the little things in life. Keeping memories of their childhood close

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